Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time to move..

It's time to pack up and go back home tomorrow, but i will return in May 2010 to take part in the 25th anniversary of Artists Unlimited. I will be making an exhibition of new experimental process drawings with Artists Unlimited member Angelika Höger. For the time being we will be sending 5 drawings back and forth between Salford and Bielefeld until May. We will be making a new contribution to the drawings each time the drawings arrive and we will document each stage of the drawings on a new project blog. 

This is my last post until I reach my home ground when i will make one final post about my artists in residence period at Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

(Dis)Order opening night 8.1.10

Friday night saw the opening my my first solo exhibition in Germany at the Artists Unlimited Gallery.
A great speech was given by Matthias Albecht from the Kunsthalle Bielefeld and by Artists Unlimited member Cem Kozcner.
The opening was well attended and i even made a few sales!

Artists Unlimited members Lars Rosenbohm and Tim Sürken

(Dis)Order exhibition 8-17.1.10

Rachael Elwell
8 - 17.01.2010
Artists Unlimited Gallery Bielefeld, Germany.

Exhibition text:
A particular capacity of line is its capacity to create a surface 
(Wassily Kandinsky 1926)

Rachael Elwell’s first solo exhibition in Germany explores the perceptual connections between line, form and space through contemporary drawing processes. Her work focuses on the relationship between chance as an essential dimension of art, and an interest in control and structure in the composition of image making.
Presented here is a series of works that are random, generative and transformative creating a sense of becoming rather than the static or fixed. Elwell puts into place set systems and methods of mark making, constrained by the limitations of working with the pencil, the pen and the stroke. From there on she exploits this by breaking such self-imposed rules; she adds shade, reduces the strokes, erases and resets the paper surface. 
Aesthetically, Elwell deals with the graphical connotations of the hand drawn line, albeit by the appearance of closely positioned and intertwining lines into form. She doesn’t claim to do this intentionally, but more to test the tactile qualities of different media. This appears central, but into which final result is an unknown entity until the process is complete. In so far as a contained or chaotic, constructed or inverted process goes, Elwell confidently creates with unexpected results in a (dis)orderly fashion.

Exhibition Images:

This series of photographs were taken by Artists Unlimited member Harriet Esther Muntean 

9m24cm (graphite on paper)

Untitled: Blocks 1&2 (graphite on paper)

Accumulations (1-6), graphite on paper

 Accumulations (1-6): Detail

 Accumulations (1-6): Detail

Untitled: Tumult (1-4), graphite and oil pastel on paper

Untitled: Tumult (1-4): detail

Untitled: Tumult (1-4): detail

Rotund (1&2), graphite on paper

Conglomerations (1-5), graphite on paper

Conglomerations (1-5): Detail

Conglomerations (6-9), graphite on paper

Conglomerations (6-9): Detail

Untitled: Spun (1-7) Ink on paper

Untitled: 17, ink on paper

Gallery shot of Room 3

Gallery shot Room 2

Gallery shot Room 2

The show runs until 17th January 2010.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Exhibition installation

This week I have been installing my exhibition at the Artists Unlimited Gallery. Monday was mainly spent selecting the most appropriate work to put in the exhibition. All my work was taken to the gallery and a selection of people helped me to come to a decision about which works to include and leave out of the show. My main criteria is to show a varied but relevant selection of works that show my new drawing process and tests of drawing media.
Once the works had been chosen the installation of all the work could begin..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

1 week to go

Fresh from the lovely festive holiday all my focus is now on installing my exhibiton which opens in 1 week, on the 8th January.
The installation of works in the Artists Unlimited Gallery will start on Monday, so this weekend I am laying out all my work and deciding which works to exhibit.. I didn't realise how much work I have made over this past 3 months, so editing out works is a tough decision.

I have spend the past few days  piecing together some new text to accompany the exhibition which will be included in a hand out for visitors and deciding on some text to go on the gallery wall.
I am also pleased to confirm that Matthias Albrecht from the Kunsthalle Bielefeld will be making an introductory speech at my exhibition opening on friday night.