Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back in the studio,,

I'm very settled in the studio now and I've been getting down to some serious drawing business.
Actually, it's not all that serious! - I've been having great fun!

Lately my ideas about using some form of systematic approach to composing a drawing have felt like some what of a burden. This is mainly the reason why I decided to bring an empty portfolio with me.
My drawings have recently started to get quite complex, mainly working with collected and self generated drawing instructions.

One of the things that I decided before I came on this residency is that I would of course carry on with using rules and systems, as these are the things that underpin my whole practice, but instead of using hundreds of instructions (which have been collated in books for the past few years) I would strip things right back and start pulling out the instructions which most interest me.

1) blind drawing
2) plotting polygons from randomly generated and found numbers *
3) repetitive hand drawn lines

I've come to learn that with these combined instructions alone lies enough scope for  lots more interesting and versatile outcomes.

First and foremost though... my work is playful and whimsical and to put it into a few words, my drawings are about investigating the process of drawing.
Some would say they aren't about anything at all - and i may just agree on this.

Plotted polygons and hand drawn stacked lines (graphite) (15.10.09)

Studio wall with drawings and new instruction sets (15.10.09)

Small drawings involving blind drawing processes, plotting randomly generated numbers and repetitive hand drawn lines (15.10.09)

Close up (15.10.09)

3 completed small drawings (15.10.09)

* a closed plane figure bounded by straight sides

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