Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sparrenburg Castle, Bielefeld

A very short car ride away from the Artists Unlimited house is the beautiful Sparrenburg castle.

(image taken from

Constructed in the mid 13th century by the Counts of Ravensberg, the castle was administrative centre and residence of the county sovereign, and protected the town and trade routes through the Bielefeld pass. It was rebuilt many times. Sparrenburg Castle gained its present outline in the middle of the 16th century. A vast 300m system of underground passages can be explored from April to October, and visitors can enjoy panoramic views over the town Panorama and surrounding countryside.

View from the castle grounds over the city of Bielefeld  (11.10.09)

My most favorite picture of the day, another view point from one of the outcrops of the castle - the beautiful autumnal colours and architecture are stunning. (11.10.09)

I wasnt expecting to be able to see the Dr Oetker factory from the castle!! (more to come on DR Oetker very soon) It's worth mentioning that the Dr. Oekter sign you see here spins round - I was very impressed! (11.10.09)

View across the city of Bielefeld (11.10.09)

This afternoon I was very much looking forward to another walk to check out Rochdale Park, but the heavens opened, again!, and it hasn't stopped raining since. So the afternoon was spent reading and researching contemporary drawing works and arists whos work especially rely on algorithms* to create new forms.  I'll be post more about this during the week along with the first few drawings i have been working on over the past few days.

*Algorithm: a formal set of instructions that can be followed to perform a specific task

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