Thursday, October 8, 2009

From Salford to Bielefeld, via Rotterdam.

So the journey begins. Setting of to Hull from Salford, Lancashire the first leg of the journey is relatively easy - a 90 mile drive to the Port of Hull to board the Pride of Rotterdam Ferry.

The Port of Hull (6.10.09)

On the deck of the Pride of Rotterdam (6.10.09)

Once on board I had 14 hours to relax and enjoy the scenery!

A ship in the distance (6.10.09)

And for those who know me all too well I did manage to get in a little crochet action to pass the time..(6.10.09)

Then an overnight sail across the North Sea into the Port of Rotterdam gets me safely onto the continent.

Good morning Rotterdam! (7.10.09)

Sunrise over Rotterdam as we sail into the Port (7.10.09)

A little weary and tired I set of driving again - 219 miles through The Netherlands and over into Germany straight to Bielefeld, my new home for the next three months.

On the final stretch of the Autobahn as I approach the city of Bielefeld (7.10.09)

As each week passes by I will continue to share with you my experiences of living and making new art works at Artists Unlimited.

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