Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The very, very nice thing about this residency is that I am given a very generous monthly grant to be able to not only fund my social and daily living activities, but there is also plenty spare to be able to buy in new art materials,  and to really invest in some decent quality drawing materials in my case.

First on my list - a high quality drawing compass, clicker pencil and specialist rulers. Simple though it may seem, i'm really happy to now have these drawing instruments to add to my stock of materials out here to make my new drawing projects.

I also made a quick visit to the Tourist Information Centre today to buy a few postcards to make a start on the project for Touchstones Rochdale Art Gallery. Here i found a really nice selection of postcards from the 60's and 70's as well as contemporary and traditional postcard imagery of Bielefeld.

Selection of postcards (12.10.09)

And today I started making my first postcard to send to Touchstones Rochdale. I wont give too much away, as you should go and see the postcards on display at the gallery if your back in the North West UK, but here is a glimps of the first one being made...

Postcard No.1 - Rochdale Park. (13.10.09)

I will archive the postcards and put them on this blog eventually once the gallery have recieved each postcard.
I think one of the nice aspects of this postcard correspondence project is to be able to share some information about Rochdale's twin town, not just through a pretty postcard image, but also to be able to find out some other local history facts and to share it in a personal way. Though the postcards don;t completely reflect the way i make my drawing work, they do offer an insight into what interests and inspires me and how I go about researching and reflecting on my experiences. I also like the fact that it is another way of making a blog.

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