Friday, October 9, 2009

Home sweet home (for the next few months)

I thought it would be interesting to share a few pictures of the flat and studio I have kindly been given to live and work in for the duration of my residency. It illustrates just how privileged I am to have been selected to come here as the working and living conditions are first class.

The Studio is extremely spacious , with wi-fi and lots of workstations... (9.10.09)

My drawing table (9.10.09)

Drawing table and computer desk (9.10.09)

A cosy area to make knit and crochet work (9.10.09)

The lovely apartment - my home for the next few months.

Tomorrow I'm taking some time to visit Sparrenburg Castle - a 13th century landmark built by the Ravensburg Counts, and then a walk to Rochdale Park.
Over the next few weeks I also plan to visit Ravensburg Spinning Mill, Bielefeld University Art and Design dept. and the City Art Gallery.


  1. Marie wants to hear about the spinning mill. And visit a castle. Marie loves castles. I am so jealous. Looks like a lovely apartment too.

  2. well i was going to go to the castle this morning, but its pouring down with rain, so if the weather clears up this afternoon i will go then, if now tomorrow. And i'll take lots of pictures for you. The spinning mill looks amazing and i'll go there next week. keep posted. ...

  3. That reminds me f my Dad's saying when I was a small child - Up the little wooden stairs to bed. Looks great but I bet you will have to stay tidy otherwise everything will be on view!